Spiced almond brown butter coconut chocolate salty whores

The latest edition of Why Am I Just Now Doing This? involves gently sautéing some almonds in butter, spicing them with cayenne, chipotle, cinnamon, covering with a mixture of chocolate and brown butter, and topping with coconut. I like to think of them as the non-toxic, sugar-free, infinitely better-tasting, adult version of Almond Joy… and, by “adult” I’m referring mainly to the expletives I mutter to myself as I crush through these filthy little sluts because they’re so fucking addictive… Hoooooo, lawdy… I’d be in trouble if I worked with sugar…


4 thoughts on “Spiced almond brown butter coconut chocolate salty whores

    • You may be a bit disappointed if you’re looking for exact recipes, as I’m more about sharing ideas and inspiration, sorry to say. I like applications like these because they’re a lot of fun to experiment and tweak to one’s individual tastes. For instance, I habitually sweeten my chocolate with stevia, but I’ve been eschewing it lately in favor of a spicy/savory, intensely dark chocolate, and I don’t miss the sweetness at all. Anyway, this one is very easy to duplicate–just simmer some raw almonds in a stick of butter until crunchy, remove and salt/spice to taste, melt in a bar of baker’s chocolate, add a bit of stevia (again, optional), and pour over the almonds and coconut using your vessel(s) of choice (I like the cupcake papers for easy portioning and a cool look). However, if you’re feeling lazy like I often am, you can make a “Cluster-Chuck” by chucking all ingredients in the same pan after toasting the nuts in butter, freezing, and de-panning. Hmmm… Getting a lot of recipe requests lately… I may have to start posting them… Oh, if only I weren’t such a lazy clod…


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