Beef Heart Cheeseburger


If you are squeamish or averse to the words “organ meat”, “offal”, “ground heart” and the like, please see below for a stupid yet hysterical meme that still makes me laugh whenever I see it after it has resided in my hard drive for years. If however, on the other more improbable hand, you are acquainted with the level of self-love attainable only through the consumption of bovine valves (and possibly some of the more intense psychotropic substances*), check out this juicy sumbitch here!

As far as I can reckon, the only real reason for a meat-eater to avoid heart and other “odd bits” is because they have a hard time finding them (acceptable), or the “ick factor” (unacceptable, not to mention illogical… although I just mentioned it, so negate the phrase “not to mention” retroactively in your mind and replace with “and” if you’ve made it this far, please).

If the less adventurous eaters among you knew that in addition to a cow’s heart being more nutritionally-dense than the flesh of said beast, it tastes and “feels” like steak… and is indistinguishable from ground beef when similarly prepared in a meat grinder or food processor and conveniently comes with just the right amount of fat… well, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, would we…?


“Huh? What do lesbians eat? I don’t get it… Is this supposed to be funny?”  Me: “It’s just a… I told you to stay off my page, grandma!” 


*ohhhhhhhh, snap… Idea! If anyone has ever eaten a heart burger with shrooms (you know the kind I’m talking about) let’s talk! Takin’ this shit to new heights!


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