Keepin’ it keto: Coconut almond chocolate

IMG_1486The latest iteration in my ongoing journey with ketogenic, sugar-free chocolate. Really just as simple as melting a bar of baker’s chocolate with coconut oil, adding some stevia, and pouring it over sliced almonds and shredded coconut, sprinkling with salt, then parking in the freezer before un-molding.

Cupcake paper gives it that cool peanut butter cup-esque appearance, but ice cube trays are a great alternative for when you run out of these because they’re so delectable.*

Your tastebuds will be sure to thank you while you enjoy this guilt-free indulgence with a cup of coffee, and your friends will surely thank you if you happen to be feeling generous.**  IMG_1487

*Also, you’re a fat-ass lacking any semblance of self-restraint. Why bother exerting the effort making this shit when you’re just going to eat the whole batch, then smash a king-sized Kit-Kat? Just keepin’ it real…

**Ya’ know what? Fuck your friends. There–I said it. Fuck ’em. They don’t know how to appreciate shit. You know they’re just going to mindlessly scarf this dark gold down, then hold out their pudgy, ungrateful mitts for more. At least when you mindlessly wolf it down, you’ll do so knowing it’s up-regulating your fat-burning potential. Now put down the Snickers, and back away slowly…



3 thoughts on “Keepin’ it keto: Coconut almond chocolate

    • Hey, Deb. I honestly use recipes and exact precise ratios seldom to never, but I can still give you a good idea of where to start: Mix one bar (4 ounces) of baker’s chocolate with about a 1 cup of coconut oil. This ratio is something you can play around with to suit your own tastes, depending on how dark/light you like your chocolate. Alternatively, you can use butter, ghee, or my personal favorite–brown butter, which gives it an added intensity and decadence. As for the stevia, I use the SweetLeaf powdered form, and go pretty light on it. You could honestly go sans stevia if you so chose, but start with 1/8-1/4 tsp. to 1 bar of chocolate, and add more gradually if needed. Too much will give it an odd bitterness. Finally, you could theoretically use a small amount of raw honey and it would still be ketogenic. This is something I’m still working up to myself, as I am highly averse to using any added sugar in my cooking… but RAW honey is also a source of beneficial microbes and enzymes, so perhaps I’ll be able to rationalize its use… someday… haha.


    • P.S.- Have fun with the ‘additives’! A sprinkling of cinnamon, a few dashes of vanilla extract… Personally, I like to play with sweet/savory/salty/spicy/smokey/, so I add things like cayenne, coffee, chipotle.


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