Melt-in-your-mouth, non-traditional lamb liver pâté


This one has become a staple of my diet over the past few weeks. I essentially took a basic pâté and tweaked it to my preference, adding a tomato paste and red wine reduction and sautéed red pepper and carrot in addition to the onion.

The lamb liver (you can use the liver of any creature) is seasoned with salt, pepper, dry rosemary and thyme, then cooked to medium-well. After caramelizing the onion with red pepper and carrot, the pan is deglazed with a generous helping of dry red wine, then I add a few spoonfuls of tomato paste.

Everything is then added to my Vitamix (I’ve also used an immersion blender, but the Vitamix naturally produces a smoother final product) and blended smooth with butter (the butter ends up being about 1/3+ of the total volume). After final seasoning adjustments, the blender contents go into silicon molds or small tupperware cups. Wrapped, the individual portions keep very well in the freezer for weeks. After chilling, the final product goes perfectly with dijon and soft cheeses such as the brie pictured, or even eggs (bearing in mind I’ll eat eggs with just about anything…)

So this has become my favorite liver preparation. It’s ketogenic, buttery, silken, and most importantly, nutritious.

How do you take your liver?


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